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Orso Fiction Chapter 049-The Scary One (Part 3 of 3)[]

The beast roared in annoyance at the two newcomers.

“CHEATING! YOU’RE ALL CHEATING!!!”, it shrieked, Adelina’s voice horribly spliced within it. It began to convulse, and grew even larger, its teeth growing out of proportion, sharpening themselves. The deep red lines over its body grew even more intense.

“So…you guys had a plan, right?”, Allison asked.

“We were actually JUST not having one, right before you arrived.”, Jess piped up. Paige sighed.

“We’re going to need to pull THAT off.”, Paige murmured. “Even if Taylor isn’t here to make it complete.”

“Paige, Allison, I’m linking you!”, Jess called, as the strings from her viola connected to the backs of their heads. They burst into yellow and blue flames, respectively.

“This is a risky plan.”, Mike thought to himself. “I’m going to need to give it my all.”

“We’ll need a distraction!”, he shouted.

“No we won’t.”, Sabra told him. “She’s pretty slow, we won’t have much trouble dodging her attacks. Using a distraction would be pointless. And kind of stupid.”

“Is that a challenge?”, Mike asked, his primal, competitive blood boiling in his veins. “You’re on.”

“Oh…no…”, Sabra thought, realizing what she had done. “Allison!”

“Mike, don’t do it!”, Allison shouted. But Mike was too ready for this plan to hear anything his greatest fear told him. He ignited the boosters on his shield, flying up at the creature’s face, crashing into it. He heard Jess playing Paige’s and Allison’s notes, but he was swimming in adrenaline, he thought nothing of it. He didn’t even feel the pain of the creature smacking him out of the air, grabbing him, squeezing him until bones broke, throwing him to the ground, and stomping on him repeatedly.

Michael Fornaro has proven himself so resistant to pain, it confuses his comrades. Their tentative explanation for this phenomenon is “He doesn’t feel pain because his brain is wired so incredibly wrong.” This is also their explanation for how cripplingly stupid his plans are.

Gracefully, Allison dodged the creature’s massive, clawed and gnarled foot to snatch Mike from continued crushing. Mike looked up at Allison’s face, as she carried him from beneath the creature’s foot, and felt true fear.

He had done something wrong.

And now Allison was going to hurt him for it.

She gently placed him on his feet, and he leapt away from her, cowering behind Paige.

“Hide me.”, he whimpered. Paige rolled her eyes.

“Damnit, Mike…Come on, let’s not waste any more time.”, she told him.

“Alright, guys, without Taylor here to give it stability…we only have one shot.”, Jess said, slamming her viola’s base into the ground. “Let’s make it count! Dying Will outputs to the maximum!”


Scott drove on, growing faster by the second, Taylor holding on to him.

“Nice ride.”, she said with a smile.

“You like it?”, Scott asked. “It’s a Zach Stimely original. But…back there, do you think they’ll be alright?”

“Of course they will.”, Taylor scoffed. “We’re the Agents, the greatest-“

“Strike force in the Family. Right. Bradley says the same thing about his group.”

“And? You’re the Outside Advisor, you’re impartial. Which group do you think is stronger?”

“I’m not going to answer that.”, Scott replied. “The losing team outnumbers me.”


Adelina felt pressure all around her. Crushing…it was crushing her. She was being swallowed…


The little girl was running, running through the snow, her thin clothing doing little to help her in the cold. She shivered as she ran.

“Adel!”, she shouted. “Stop!”

Suddenly, her energy gave, and she began to fall, crying out, but she felt a pair of strong arms catch her. She looked up to see a man, wearing simple black robes, and an eyepatch. A sheathed sword hung from his belt. He smiled gently to her.

“Poor child.”, he said. “You’re half-frozen, and still suffering from my sister’s poison.”

“Who…are you?”, she whispered up at him. He slowly ruffled her hair.

“I am a friend.”, he told her, putting the girl on his back, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Now…let’s go save your sister, shall we?”


Paige ran to where Jess had planted her viola, pressing a small notch in the bottom of her cannon into the scroll of the viola, balancing it. Allison, following behind her, pressed the long ends of her tonfa into the notches on the side of the cannon, twisting them 90 degrees until the handles faced back, running alongside the cannon. Sabra placed her grenade launcher in the top notch of the cannon as Nicole laid her axe along the top of the cannon, where it fit perfectly into a long groove, so the blades stuck over the barrel of the cannon. Mike, slothfully, placed his shield over the end of the cannon, so it covered the opening. With a final, decisive maneuver, Jess thrust the bow of her viola into the end of the grenade launcher, locking the structure together.

“One shot, right?”, Nicole asked. “Let’s do this.”


As she felt herself being crushed by the nothingness, Adelina’s mind floated to her fallen allies, for just a moment.


“Here it is.”, Orabella said. “If I take one step more…I will have gone further than I’ve ever gone…without my parents.”

Adelina smiled to the bandaged girl.

“We will go much farther than this.”, she replied. “But we’ll have each other for the adventure.”

The sun held her head high, From now on, she would not be afraid to hide her face from the world. For this girl, she would fight. She would fight for a world where they could escape suffering forever.


“Your brother was a good man.”, Adelina said. Raimonda nodded.

The thunder wiped away her tears. From now on, she would embody the traits she had loved in her brother. She would be the protector now. She would never let her friends be hurt again.


Ernesta looked across the horizon, biting her lip.

“I will never falter again.”, she said aloud. Adelina, who heard her from the other side of camp, smiled.

The storm stretched her limbs. From now on, she would be able to do right in the world. A world that had rejected her diseased blood would have to acknowledge her.


Nerina sat out in the rain, looking straight up. Adelina shook her head, from under their shelter.

“You’re going to catch a cold.”, Adelina warned her.

“I’ll be fine. I just like the way it feels. It feels…refreshing.”

The rain smiled into the falling water. From now on, she would wash away the anger and pain of those she loved, just as this rain did for her, so they would never feel as she had before she had been saved.


Malvolia held back her tears as Adelina held her tightly.

“Thank you…”, Malvolia murmured. “I…don’t feel…strong enough.”

“This isn’t like you.”, Adelina said gently. “You don’t let little things hold you down. You’re the smartest one of us…we need you to keep our heads on straight. We all rely on your cool head.”

The mist took a deep breath, resolving herself. From now on, she would not lose her head. Her clear thinking was vital to the group. She would protect them, though her calm mind.


Adelina couldn’t help but feel…memories were being kept from her…She struggled to clear her thoughts…but it was no use…someone was missing…


An array of colored flames danced across the surface of the shield covering the cannon’s opening. The air around it crackled with energy. The creature roared at the six of them, all their hands on the compilation of their weapons, providing all the energy they could.

The creature reached up, yanking Pegasus from the air, crushing it between its fingers. The darkness leaked from its body, where the creature absorbed it into its own. It dropped the now-wingless horse to the ground, and held a hand out. A thin,continuous wave of dark energy shot from its palm, putting intense pressure on the six.

“Shit!”, Sabra called, when she realized what was happening. “That wave is draining our flames, putting us off balance…We can’t fire any kind of conclusive shot like this!”

“What can we do!?”, Nicole asked, growing concerned.

“ADEL!”, a tiny voice shouted. The six turned to see the little girl this war had been fought over, defiantly standing in front of the creature, unflinching in the face of such horror.

“Rosangela…”, the creature and Adelina gargled. “You’ll be the last one…”


Berenger watched from a great distance, his single uncovered eye giving him a perfect view of the battle.

“I…can do no more than this.”, he murmured. “I’ve purged the darkness from your body…but it has weakened me…I will not be able to fight that creature…”


Suddenly, Adelina felt herself being lifted, pulled from the darkness, as it was about to swallow her whole. She looked up to see a beautiful girl with wings, glowing orange.

“Ro…Rosangela…”, she whispered to the figure, who smiled gently to her.

“Come, Adel.”, the orange figure told her. “Let’s go back.”


In the presence of the little girl, the creature felt its dark power wane. Slowly, the dark wave of energy faded, receding, until it was no more. The creature moaned, in pain and confusion.

“No!”, it shouted. “I…You…damn girl…Adelina is my frieeend!”

“Adelina is my big sister.”, Rosangela said firmly, for a twelve year old girl. “Give. Her. Back.”

“You!”, the creature shrieked. “You’ve been keeping me back! Adelina can only see me…when you aren’t near!”

“I’m real.”, Rosangela said, not budging an inch. “You’re hurting my sister.”

“I’ll end you myself! So we can live together! Forever!”

The creature shot one massive, clawed hand at Rosangela.

“FIRE!”, Paige shouted. The six colored flames shot at the creature, striking it. The creature shrieked, grabbing its face, as it began to burn, thick black smoke coming from the creature’s face. The weapon, lacking a means of stabilizing itself, collapsed, breaking into its six component weapons, which reverted back to their animal forms.

The creature fell to one knee, screaming in pain. It locked eyes with Rosangela, and grinned once more.

“I’m not dead yet, little girl.”, it whispered to her. “I can wait…I can wait forever…”

The creature’s body evaporated into the thick black smoke, leaving only a barely conscious Adelina. Rosangela rushed to her, holding her tightly. Adelina slowly, weakly, wrapped an arm around the girl, and smiled up at her.

“You…saved me.”, she whispered. Rosangela hugged her tighter.


“Where did I come from?”, the tiny girl asked her big sister. The sister ruffled the girl’s hair.

“We found you.”, Adelina told her. “But…I think you came from heaven. You’re my angel.”

The girl smiled back at her.

The cloud looked down on her young charge. From now on, she had a purpose. She would devote her life…to giving this girl a future. She had found the sky she could call home.


Allison fell backwards, grinning.

“We did it.”, she announced. “We won!”

“Shame our prize got stolen.”, Sabra growled.

“But at least we got to watch this happy ending.”, Nicole chirped. “Hey, Paige, let’s go get her sisters! I’m sure she wants to see that they’re alright!”

“Yeah, let’s do that.”, Paige said, smiling as she began walking off. “I left them all by the pool, where I was treating them.”

“Looks like another successful mission for the Primo Agents.”, Sabra sighed. “No surprises, right, Mike?”

She turned to see Mike, still bleeding heavily. He smiled at her.

“Yep. No surprises.”, he said.

“Um…You…are bleeding. A lot.”, Sabra reminded him. “Are you alright? I can go catch Paige, she’s not that far away.”

“Totally.”, Mike assured her. “Completely healthy. Don’t bother her, she’s busy”

He turned to puke out a little bit of blood, but turned back around.


He fainted at this point, but from the smile on his face, Sabra could tell he could wait for treatment until Adelina had been reunited with her sisters.

“You sentimental dumbass…”, she murmured. She turned to the Roses. Rosangela and Adelina continued their embrace. “But…at least they’re alright.”


Suddenly, massive cuffs locked around Adelina’s arms, legs, and neck, connected to thick, thick chains. The figure holding them wore a long black coat, gloves, boots and a top hat. Its face was covered in bandages.

“You will come with me.”, the figure told her, in a distorted, eerily deep voice. “You are under arrest.”

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